PHP development environment with Docker Compose

I’m a professional PHP/Drupal developer and some people have asked me about my development stack. Here’s how you can use Docker to create a PHP development environment on your Mac. Say bye to MAMP!

First you’ll need a Mac laptop. While this is possible on Linux or Windows, I haven’t tried those so your mileage may vary (a lot).[...] Read more

Drupal: Pass arguments to a Views block

In Drupal, it is possible to pass arguments to a Views block. You need to use the “Contextual Filters” option in the View. See screenshot.

Here are some other ways but these are possibly outdated (from 2011):[...] Read more

Bare bones Drupal 7 custom module

How to create a bare bones Drupal 7 custom module:

  1. Create a module folder in /sites/all/modules/custom/[modname]
  2. Create a [modname].info file. See:
  3. Create a [modname].module file, and create a hook function.


Create a Facebook App and add it as a Page tab

Refer to the guide from Facebook:

Steps in a nutshell

  1. Create your Facebook App.
  2. Make sure you’re the admin of the App and the Page
  3. Add Your App to your Facebook Page.

Adding your App to a Page

This step can be a bit tricky, so read carefully. In order to install your new page tab on your business page, you need to visit a link with several custom URL parameters. The link is:[...] Read more